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Our Story

Professor Johnny Moore FRCOphth, PhD. Consultant Ophthalmologist and Clinical Director of Cathedral Eye Clinic, a facility that is synonymous with Quality Care and Excellence.

Beginning in 2015 Professor Moore has been working hard to bring his patients access to supplements of the highest quality that the current market wasn’t providing. Professor Moore wanted his patients to have an Omega 3 supplement that would meet 3 key factors:

• A quality oil, without the dissatisfactory taste and smell

Available in a high dose, to further improve effects

• Can be taken daily for the greatest long term positive effects

Product development

All of our products are developed and produced by eye nutrients, a company based in Northern Ireland. The supplements are for those at risk and diagnosed with Dry Eye, available to buy here.

Our products are natural Omega 3 & 7 supplements to combat dry eye. The blend of natural oils is industry leading in levels of Omega 3 & natural oils, proven to be 155% more stable than conventional Omega 3 products.   

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