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What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common eye conditions.  Approximately 1 in 100 adults struggles with moderate or severe dry eye syndrome. It is caused by a lack of tears or poor quality tears on the surface of the eye. Our tears serve many functions – to protect the eye from infection, moisturize the eye, and play a vital role in maintaining a smooth eye surface to provide good vision.

Dry eye does not necessarily mean your eyes are “dry”. You might have chronically watery eyes because of the imbalance.

Could you have Dry Eye?

symptoms include discomfort (stinging, burning, a gritty feeling, pain), light sensitivity, redness, and visual disturbance with potential inflammation and damage to the ocular surface.

Experiencing these symptoms does not always mean you have dry eye, however if you feel you may be at risk we strongly recommend you contact a relevant medical practitioner for guidance.

Treatment & Preventation

There is currently no cure for Dry Eye, however there are a number of treatments that can put you on the path to healing your symptoms and keeping discomfort to a minimum.

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